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You Received a Domain Renewal Email!

​​Thanks for following up.

Your domain is registered with a Domain Registrar through the Sensible Websites account. The domain registrar is required by ICANN to send out a notice to the listed domain owner about 30 days before a domain expires.

As a matter of practice, Sensible Websites doesn’t send you a service renewal invoice until 14 – 30 days before it is time to renew. We have found that if we send the invoice too early – it is set aside and forgotten rather than getting paid.

You do not need to worry about renewing your domain until you receive an invoice for services from us. The invoice will include the cost of the domain name renewal.

Watch your email – and your spam folder – for the invoice which will arrive in the next couple of weeks!

If, by chance, you don’t receive an invoice within the next two weeks, please contact us at 402-884-4320 or and inquire.