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The Sensible Websites brand was created to fill a need that was becoming ever more apparent in today’s fast changing economy. While LaMarSoft LLC was growing and meeting the needs of our current client base, we found ourselves working a lot more on custom boutique projects for small and medium sized companies.  Before too long, the inquires started coming in from new and current clients for search engine optimization and social media marketing assistance.  It was only logical that a new brand be created that encompassed all of the new services that we provide.

Sensible Websites is located in progressive Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha was recently spotlighted by Fast Company as a great city to start a company in. Our location has been key in building our well rounded team of developers and marketing professionals. Being located in such an entrepreneurial hotbed has also allowed us to work with a broad scope of clients.  We have done everything, from tech start ups to the food and beverage industry.

Sensible Websites  was founded by Doug LaMar, President of LaMarSoft LLC and Erase My Ticket Quicker.  Doug comes to Omaha from Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Doug has over 25 years of experience in providing web solutions and training management. Doug has not only helped his clients enter into the fast paced world of the Internet, but also trained key members of their organizations. This has empowered many clients to embrace new technology and improve their business processes.

Combined, the Sensible Websites team brings over 35 years experience in developing and deploying PHP,SQL and .Net solutions. We also bring another 5 years of Internet and social media based marketing experience to the table.

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